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We Care About Kids! Kids Dentistry Oconomowoc WI

We want your children to feel comfortable in our care, and we take pride in offering the latest developments that make treatment easy for your children. We thoughtfully teach proper daily dental hygiene to our young patients so they can keep their natural teeth for a lifetime. We look forward to their first visit at age three and watching them as they grow and change each year.

It is our goal to have all generations of children grow up without any fear of dental care. As many parents have told us, their children are happy to come to our office. We are here to help you no matter what the age of your children. We can relieve their nervousness and make their visits a pleasant experience.

Drs. Leaman, Setnicar & Piacsek, S.C.
James Leaman DDS, Joseph Setnicar DDS, Stacie Piacsek DDS

820 Summit Avenue
Oconomowoc, WI 53066